shameless propaganda, bummer… summer.

February 7, 2010

Some near and dear friends of the the bag, Zach Weintraub, and Nandan Rao, have frittered and wasted their hours undertaking the arduous task of writing, producing, and directing a full length feature film. Bummer Summer, check it out here or here. I hope to soon provide some more information regarding this film, but for now I will leave you with the basics.

As far as I can tell (having seen very little), this film promises to be an angst filled coming of age drama, gritty and raw. Filmed in black and white, driven enthusiastically by a neophyte cast and crew. The one sheet’s billing block declares an original soundtrack by cast and crew. 

For a full synopsis, as well as other information, check out the Bummer Summer official website

The film was written, directed, and co-produced by NYU film school graduate Zach Weintraub. Nandan Rao, NYU film school registrant, co-produces, as well as undertakes the duties of director of photography. Filming took place during the summer of 2009 on location in the Pacific Northwest. Subsequently, operations were moved across this great country of ours, to the filthy bum laden, garbage covered, rapist teeming streets of New York City. It was here the film was completed. Bummer Summer was recently accepted to the 20th annual Cinequest Film Festival is San Jose, CA.

These are super good dudes, who have worked their asses off and given %110. It is rare to see that kind of passion for anything, from anyone these days. Whether you like what you see or not, you gotta respect that. Take a few minutes and check out the YouTube trailers. Official Trailer #1, and Official Trailer #2

Below are some stills I stole from the facebook page, enjoy at your own discretion.


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  1. […] Zach here. Hardened and wiser for our previous mistakes, we survived another night of Mardi Gras like some real veterans. This was thanks largely in part to the kindness of Dorothy Young, who provided us with four person-sized patches of hardwood floor to rest on. We made a run for the Texas border early the next morning. That’s where we are now, in Austin, but we’ve got a Greyhound out of here real soon and we’re not stopping for thirty-six hours or until we get to Hollywood. Whichever comes first. I’ve got a feeling they’ll come simultaneously. I’m not in any mood to describe what we’ve been up to. I’m in a good mood, just not that mood. But here are some photos. First one’s at the ALAMO! Meanwhile, real kind words about us appear in a blog by dear friends. Read them here. […]

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